Who is trish stratus dating

She worked hard to get better in the ring and was given the divas championship after she won a title match in the fan voting for the interactive edition of Monday Night Raw.

She even cried when she won her title(presumably because she was happy, not because she was distressed at being burdened with the ugly thing.) Also, she can count Vince Mc Mahon and Kevin Dunn among her biggest supporters backstage.

Announcers and fellow wrestlers will often lavish praise on her and refer to her as a legend. Well Trish is the only tangible proof management have that they can take a model and turned her into a good performer.

It likely justifies their whole attitude to the women’s division: why bother hiring actual female wrestlers (who usually don’t have the looks), when you could just get models in and train them to be good wrestlers?

Indeed, Christy was enthusiastic and worked very hard to get better in the ring.

Indeed her first few performances were, for someone with limited training, very good indeed.

She’s deathly afraid of the ring ropes, for a start.

She’s also had some absolutely atrocious matches (Notably with Brie Bella at Money in the Bank) as champion.

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Upon her debut, former beauty queen and Tough Enough contestant Melina Perez gained notice for her wrestling talent, presence and mic skills. And Bret Hart (who, in something he will probably never live down, once called her the "best wrestler in the world".) Where to start?

Also, in recent times, she’s become far more well-known for her turbulent love life than she has for any of her in-ring contributions.

In the past, she’s been romantically linked with Dolph Ziggler, Andrew “Test” Martin, Chris Jericho and Batista (who admitted that, shockingly, he found the girl was dating “immature”, apparently not realizing that’s what happens when you date someone young enough to be your daughter.) It was all this that apparently inspired Orton’s harsh remarks last month.

Accordingly, they’ve tried to replicate the Trish experiment since.

Even if, as I have noted, the original was probably a bit over-rated anyway. And, needless to say, most of the results have been a dismal failure.

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