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Locations- depends how skilled you are in talking with the beasts.a couple are universities and stores such as hot-topic or Spencers, Pretty much this.

Most girls I know are games in one form or another (no, not FB/mobile gamers). Issue is however that just like men, women rarely Wear thier hobbies on thier sleeves (just as thankfully the fewest Guys walk around with a "PS" shirt or cap (which is usually just pathetic).

Was going to link to a STUart edge video where he goes to comic con and asks to make a call on a girls phone as his is dead. Seems he doesn't keep anything up past a year which is fucking stupid.

Then proceeds to call her mother or father to ask them how to ask their daughter on a date.

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I dont know you but your post makes you sound like a lesbian and a feminist. dont be so shallow and stuck-up to just only want to game with "a hot chick" because it makes you feel better and feeds your ego of female dominance. School club, I know a mutual friend that pokes around clubs despite not attending that school to make friends there. Lower your standards, the pool for hardcore gamer girls is small."I love gaming and I can go on all day about my kill-to-death ratio.But what I really want is to find a feisty gamer guy - or even a girl," explained 'gamer babe' Vicky."They obviously haven't played Diablo 3." The videos are intended for "inexperienced" single gamers "who are looking for a leg up to get their leg over", Shag a Gamer founder Tom Thurlow explained."More often than not they just don't know how to talk to members of the opposite sex, let alone get them into bed," he crooned.

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