Teen dating violence workshop

“We find with adults, this misconception of, ‘it’s a young relationship, it can’t be important, it can’t be that serious,'” she said.“For young people, these relationships are often their first times experiencing and exhibiting these behaviors so it’s helpful for young peer educators come into and say this is how young people think about relationship this is how you can be a support to them.” Love Johnson, 21, a peer educator in the program who is from St.It can be hard for a teenager to figure out what kind of behavior is healthy, and what kind isn’t, when navigating a romantic relationship for the first time—especially so if they’re already dealing with the challenges of being in foster care.But today, the city will announce plans to reach 5,000 of those young people a year with workshops on how to recognize unhealthy relationships, just in time for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

The presentation includes safety planning tips with steps to take when faced with helping someone who might be in abusive relationship.This presentation examines the impact of an employee facing domestic violence at home through lost wages, increased insurance claims, workers compensation, liability, job performance, and more.It also offers sound advice on helping employees and protecting businesses.In a typical year, we reach 20,000 people in the community through a variety of outreach initiatives.One of the most effective types of outreach is the workshops described on this page.

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