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The story is well written, believable and at the same time, it gives the audience a new understanding of the fact that everyone faces challenges in life.“Mozart and the Whale” was filmed in 2004 in the heart of Spokane, Washington.Through their many awkward and often comical moments, a meaningful relationship unfolds between Adam and Beth.Adam My Name Is Khan The movie, “My Name is Khan” is a story that becomes undone after September 11, 2001.The characters learn wonderful things about themselves and each other.

The movie is about Adam’s life as a shy and lonesome man with Asperger’s Syndrome.The movie highlights the beauty of the city and its special attractions.It is a must see movie for anyone interested in Asperger’s Disorder.He meets and marries a Hindu woman named Mandira played by Kajol Devgan.They create a good life together, but once Mandira’s son becomes a victim of an attack on Muslims, she sends Rizvan away.

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