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You may find yourself really falling for someone, only to find out that they have an STD. Here are some tips that will help you to deal with being in a relationship with someone who has an STD.

The world of dating is difficult enough sometimes, but when you add sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) to the mix, it can become even more complicated. Yes, it is going to change how you go about doing a few things, especially when it comes to sex, but as long as you are both careful, an STD shouldn’t affect your relationship at all.If you truly care about this person, you will be able to continue with your relationship, as long as you handle the situation properly.1) Practice Safe Sex – Obviously, practicing safe sex, especially in this day and age, is important.It is even more important when you are sexually involved with a person who has an STD.i am single and here to meet soul mate - updated Jul 19 Joined 2 days ago, profile updated 23 hours ago.Richard Anderson Richard Anderson updated his cover photo.

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