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The word 'believe' joined Justin's ever-growing collection back in 2012 to mark the release of his album of the same name - and for his fans the 'Beliebers'.Perhaps this design represents Justin's chivalry when it comes to the ladies in his life?And none more so than the Christian cross in the middle of his torso, done back in early 2014.Both Justin AND his dad have this design, Justin on the side of his abdomen, of the Hebrew lettering for 'Jesus'.2013 saw Justin take his Christianity-themed tattoos to another level with a large verse design on his back taken from Psalm 15, which reads: "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path".Early 2014 saw Justin add another music-themed tattoo to his collection with a simple symbol for treble clef inked onto the back of his neck.On Justin's left leg, back in early 2012, the singer had a depiction done of Jesus Christ himself.

Keeping up with the music theme, spring 2014 saw Justin add a boombox to his tattoos - not that Justin was around when they were a thing!April 2013 saw Justin add a traditional tattoo when he had a koi inked onto his arm - a symbol of good luck in many cultures!This tattoo was done back in October 2012, and is a symbol of wisdom - as well as a recurring motif in Justin's pictures and his 'Believe' tour.Justin's first EVER tattoo - done way back in March 2010 to mark his sixteenth birthday - was a seagull inspired by the writer Richard Bach and his novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull. In January 2014 Justin opted to get the phrase 'Forgive' tattooed on the right of his waist.And given the hard time the tabloids were giving the Canadian heartthrob during that period, it perhaps stands to reason it was a message to the world.

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