Ryan gosling dating 2018 august

If Ryan Gosling's blue eyes don't make you swoon, this just might.

This past weekend, the 35-year-old Canadian actor was on his way to a restaurant in Palm Springs, California, with his girlfriend, actress Eva Mendes, to celebrate her birthday.

All of the hoopla surrounding the end of their engagement in 2010 may contribute to why Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen don't really discuss their now-reconciled relationship.

It's real."You don't often hear much about John Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt.

The pair didn't confirm they were a couple until they became engaged in 2009.

While driving together, Gosling and Mendes almost ran over a dog who had dashed out onto the highway, Entertainment Tonight reported.

It was a close call on Gosling's part and he wanted to make certain no other driver actually succeeded in accidentally running over the tiny, white pup. "The Notebook" actor immediately hopped out of his car to scoop the dog into his arms ... Gosling has previously slammed a Costco supplier for animal cruelty and lobbied for an end to caged pigs.

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