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This project aims to clean esteros,kanals,eskinitas and major streets to create an environment free of wastes and possible breeding place of dengue carrying mosquitoes.

Every Saturday, as early as 7 am in the morning, barangay employees and staffs, religious groups, community church leaders, NGO’s and other concerned citizens assembled to the barangay hall and start their cleaning around the community.

Then, students are provided with a passbook that will serve as their record book for points they will accumulate for each item.

Twice a year, an “eco savers bus” will visit the school for the students to redeem their rewards through accumulated points.

Although this program is not directly related to the barangay, Capt.

Sarmiento claims that “we are assigned to contact a nearby junkshop and send them to the school to collect the recyclables.

These participants will go in each street by the help of a roving truck.

As the hosts of the said event in Marikina City, early in the morning of September 24, 2011, barangay councils or kagawad, staffs and supporting agencies such as Honda cars Marikina, Red cross Philippines, Boy scouts of the Philippines, Lamco international, Mendez medical group, Pagcor and Eco art assembled with their respective booths, all of which supports the event.Being a student once in this school, I experienced the program and I am very familiar with the process of eco savers.The students were reminded to bring recyclable wastes the previous day.I asked him about the main goals and aims of this project.He answered, “Hakot Kuyagot is a project that aims to help the community on disposing large sized wastes such as garden wastes, fire debris and other extra ordinarily generated wastes”.

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