Outlook 2018 folders not updating

For example, if all your computers, phones and tablets synchronize the same contacts with your i Cloud account you may get duplicates - this depends on the i Cloud settings.

outlook 2018 folders not updating-2

IMPORTANT: Before you start, make sure that: YES, IT DID: Go to Step 2. Do you see the i Cloud Refresh / Go online button in your MS Outlook? YES: If so, and only the test item was not synchronized, you have to correct this before proceeding.when you created an identical contact across a few different email accounts all of which you sync to i Cloud, etc.).Code Two Sync for i Cloud is not able to recognize duplicates and neither does Outlook.But what do you do if you update your Outlook version, and everything transferred over correctly except your contacts?If your contacts are missing in Outlook after upgrading, don’t panic. There are a couple of things that could be happening, which will cause this problem, so let’s narrow it down.

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