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Items Early Environmental Writings Birds & Birding Author/Illustrator Page Books By Author Page Text Content Page A great guide book of Boston that takes you through the neighborhood historical points all across the City and the surrounding area. A great work on the history of Boston by the neighborhoods through the architecture of the period. Well written and reads like a walking tour of Boston, with lots of history thrown in. This is an excellent work on the early history of Boston through the turn of the 20th Century.

A great little book filled with Cape Cod charm written when cars were just beginning to be used on the Cape.

Nice watercolor touches on some of the illustrations done by a previous owner of the book...

Nice source of historical information about Deborah Sampson Gannett (a woman who disguised herself as a man and fought in the Revolutionary War), the time of the Salem Witch trials, The Fairbanks murder trial in Dedham, Mass.

and Brook Farm in West Roxbury, Mass., among others...

This book deals with vignettes of the length of the Hudson River, from Glens Falls to New York City. Written in the vernacular of New England speech, it makes for an interesting read....

It includes the early history of the area during early settlement through the Revolution.

This is a nicely written and readable history of Park Street, in the heart of Boston. An interesting look at Boston at the turn of the 20th century, along with a lot of historical information for New England. From the settlement of Boston, Park Street has always been part of the boundary of the Boston Commons, and many of the buildings described in this book still stand. Defined at one end by the State House and at the other by Park Street Church, this short street has seen a lot of history..... Included are the cities of Salem, Wellesley, Newton, Quincy, Blue Hill Reservation, plus many others. Well written and reads like a walking tour of Boston, with lots of history thrown in. Well written and reads like a walking tour of Boston, with lots of history thrown in. A nice historical discussion of the early history of New Hampshire, up to and including roles of the state in the Revolutionary War. Sections include: Customs of the Settlers, Indians of New Hampshire, and the Beginnings of the Revolution. A nice set of draft plans to make a range of New England Colonial and early American Furniture.

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