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Nearly half of all single people currently using online dating say the reason they're searching for love on the Internet is simply because they don't have time to go out and find dates on their own.

My work is still keeping me quite busy, so I've resorted to meeting people online.Our mobile app allows you to access our entire site straight from your cell, so no matter where you are or how far you are from your computer, you can still find potential love interests without interruption. How do you know if they're as attractive as they look in their profile picture?Head to Social Hookups' mobile site and find a date on the go! Hesitation seems to be the main factor in delaying people from finding love online. There are tons of questions that delay people from signing up for their first online dating profile, so we've eliminated any reasoning for hesitation!It's actually a much, much better option than I was expecting.I've met a few women in the past month that I would have chosen to date should I have had the chance offline.

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