Lynda validating and processing

Fate of Escherichia coli O157: H7 in field-inoculated lettuce. Most-probable-number determination of Salmonella levels in naturally contaminated raw almonds using two sample preparation methods. Monte Carlo simulations assessing the risk of salmonellosis from consumption of almonds.

Isolation of Enteritidis PT 30 from a single almond orchard over a 5-year period. A framework for developing research protocols for evaluation of microbial hazards and controls during production that pertain to the application of untreated soil amendments of animal origin on land used to grow produce that may be consumed raw. Development and validation of a mathematical model for growth of pathogens in cut melons. coli O157: H7 between fresh cut produce and common kitchen surfaces. Assessments of total and viable inoculation influence the bacterial diversity in the lettuce phyllosphere.

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