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"You cannot really expect me to share that sort of information with the enemy?" Years after their relationship came to an abrupt end, Jane & Gunther find themselves thrown together on the eve of battle - on opposing sides.To make matters worse, Zeref and Natsu's parents were keeping secrets, secrets which have been haunting Zeref his whole life… Du trittst in die Fußstapfen deines Vaters, doch du bist nicht dein Vater – bist es nie gewesen – und es dauert nicht lange, bis du merkst, dass dies nicht das Leben ist, das du dir gewünscht hättest.HIATUSEver since that night in Cyprus, her life was changed forever. A series of events in-game, mainly from Quiet's POV, that explore the relationship between a legendary soldier and his silent, would-be killer. Rated M for language, violence, drug/alcohol and sexual themes. Natürlich ist es dann schon zu spät."Didn't you ever wish that there'd been an error?

For days I felt my body gradually warming up with the stages of my cycle, urging me to seek physical contact. Rated M for romance, cursing, and blood-shed Natsu and Lucy have this tradition. Stell' Dir vor, die Harry Potter Hörbücher wären Schallplatten. We'd make stories and legends by pointing in the sky, leaving no stars without a tale. This short fic is based off the events right at the end of 45 as a secret 45.5 mission/event. Also a special thanks to: rescuequiet.wordpress (dot) com for shared opinion and some insight about quiets situation. Mirajane has a costume party with a 'Heroes and Villains' theme and Gray just goes along with Juvia's wishes of turning them into one of the most loved comic books psychopaths. AU l Gruvia]Gajeel and Natsu show up a their girlfriend's house and after a night of drinking the girls get...interesting. How does Gajeel handle a very drunk, very not your typical "bookwork" after more than a few drinks? In the Kingdom of Magnolia, lives a young beautiful princess.Can they protect her from the threat that is followwing her? Magical creatures, illnesses and Muggles, likewise. [AU]Following the death of his father and his mother's suicide, CEO Zeref Dragneel comes back to Fiore to look after his mourning brother Natsu.What will happen between Maka and Soul, well your just gonna have to read and find out. Enter Mavis Vermillion, amnesiac cousin of Lucy Heartfilia and college senior with issues of her own.Multiple pairings: Mainly Cobkina and Meredy XZancrow, but others shall follow. Oliver has tried every thing to make it up to her, and he finally gives her his journal to try to reach her and prove to her that he does trust her. CW owns the characters, I own the content of the story. *mature sexual content/references throughout* **None of these chapters are connected to one another**He thought she had left for good, to never see her again and she would be in a place so far, far away.Dealing with his death nearly broke Levy, especially considering what he had left behind. She never had left, she's bidding for her time until they meet again and she was in a place closer than he'd ever imagine. Warning: Rating may change without prior notice."Okay, so maybe I am in love with Judy," Nick whispered to himself. But what good would it do for any of us if I told her how I felt? Harry/Daphne, Harry/Victoire, angedeutetes Daphne/Victoire; geringfügig AU. Rating/Altersfreigabe aufgrund derber Ausdrucksweise (wenn auch selten).

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