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This activity involves stringing a yoni egg (I started with Jade) that has a drilled hole where you can attach a string, a bag, and some extra weights. Valentine’s day was coming up and since I had no “real”romance in my life 😦 I figured I’d gift myself a set of Yoni eggs. So I did my research from scratch and finally figured out what I would get for starters.This is my starter kit that I bought from “Yoni eggs are not only for women suffering from vaginal looseness.Female practice that involved using stone eggs is estimated to be 5000 years old.Eggs carved out of jade were used by empresses and concubines of the royal palace in China to access sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain amazing health into their old age.Increased lubrication, decreased incontinence, speedy postpartum recovery, more intense orgasms and a deeper connection to your divine feminine energy- every woman should experience the benefits!(Source: The Goddess Box) It apparently strengthens and tones your yoni, which gives extra sexual pleasure to both partners and brings yourself into alignment with your our sexual power — the wisdom and strength that comes when you let your yoni lead your life.

I couldn’t decide whether I should get 1, 2 or 3 or which size(s) to get first. I read somewhere that you should base it on your intuition and my intuition dictated that I should buy a 3-pack for starters, 3 different sizes for the 3 different stages and 3 different gemstones. Plus I also opted for the drilled ones because I want to keep my options open about putting weights later on.For advanced users who want to challenge themselves, you can choose the Small Yoni Egg.You can use both medium and small yoni eggs in combination to work with two different energies at the same time.In addition, it helps bring one’s own shadow material out of exile. It aids in recalling the exiled bits from the unconscious, even from past lives.Obsidian yoni eggs are a great aid to healing the body and soul as well as a woman’s womb by releasing past problems from sexual abuse, pregnancy loss, abortion and bad decisions..

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    Well fellas (and ladies), if you’re looking for a quick fix, there’s now an app for that. It’s called ‘Pure’ and it’s more focused on hookups than Tinder could hope to be. After all, you are still soliciting sex from strangers via the Internet.