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2008Joss Stone was rumored to be dating rapper Nelly.

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Apart from a hot figure and pretty face, she also has a long pair of slim and sexy feet that enhance her attractiveness whenever she appears on shorts or skirts in TV or concerts. If you want to stay up to date with your favorite actress/ artist, here is what you can do.

Then, Mr.s Alex picks up a lump of red hot coal with his tongs and sumps into the glass as well.

That causes the coffee to bubble over and sometimes spill over the glass, so if you’re putt off by coffee grounds all over your glass, this drink may not be for you.

It's early days but we haven't seen Joss this happy in quite a long time.

It's great she has met someone as successful as she is and who understands the pressures being a performer can put on your life". Feel free to comment and share this blog post if you find it interesting!

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