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Once on site, the plumber will analyze the problem and quote a price, gather required materials, solve the issue and clean up after they are finished.

What people like Plumbing Hub is one of the leading plumbing companies in Singapore, with a reliable team of certified professionals.

The highly trained, PUB certified plumbers will conduct an onsite assessment of the issue, and provide a reasonable price.

What people like Transportation charge: depending on distance and time Contact: Call 8126 2163 or 9815 7075Addresses Central: 140 Upper Bt Timah West: 47 Pavilion Circle North: Woodlands St 32 East: 9010 Tampines Ind Pk Website: Plumbing Services provides reliable service to residential, commercial and property management clients at good prices.

Read on to discover a list of the 10 most reliable plumbing services in Singapore.

There are two types of plumbing services in Singapore.

Plumbers arrive punctually, run a full analysis and provide honest prices before beginning to work on the issue.

Water service plumbing work refers to the repair, replacement and installation of tanks, pipes and taps for the water supply system.

In contrast, Sanitary plumbing work focuses on installing, changing or relocating sanitary discharge pipes and appliances, to carry used water away.

Their team of licensed plumbers work fast and efficiently and are willing to serve you anytime and anywhere, be it day or night and at central locations or peripheral areas.

What people like HW Singapore Plumbing takes pride in providing reliable and fast service, with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

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