Girl meets girl a dating survival guide

, it only makes sense that Cage’s latest book would be about sex for girl-loving girls. Wash your partner thoroughly, paying special attention to the feel of her wet skin. Use positive reinforcement to get what you want during sex play. Instead, this famously one-step-ahead sexpert says that for all “female-bodied people” solving the problem of sexual desire begins by taking sexual and gender identity out of the equation altogether. Touch, stroke and kiss your lover the way you would like her to touch you. During the three years that aired on Sirius XM, Cage, already well into her career as an expert on lesbian sexuality, came to a new realization.

As you meet other women and go on dates, you’ll start to get a much better idea about what you are looking for, and this will hopefully save you and the women you date some heartache.” Whether that strikes you as super-fun or scary, it’s an important step if you’re new to the lesbian world.

“You have to get your head in the right place to even be able to feel the physical. Dressing for sex can turn on both you and your lover.

We’re so often distracted by work, by our day, or by thoughts like ‘I’m not attractive,’ or ‘they’re bored going down on me for 20 minutes.’ There are millions of messages in your head preventing you from paying attention to what’s actually going on.

“This accounts for the abundance of rainbow accessories and weird haircuts amongst the newly out crowd.” To avoid this pitfall, Cage recommends resisting the urge to embrace stereotypically “lesbian” styles of dress and appearance if that’s not wholly “you” once you first emerge on the dating scene.

“If you’re newly out, you probably haven’t discovered the more subtle ‘lesbian signifiers’ like chunky heels and glasses,” she says.

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