Error validating userid ticket

For example, when you view a ticket, we no longer return the requester's name or the company name.However, there may be situations where these fields are required and hence, we have included a mechanism to embed additional resources into an API call in order to minimise the number of required API calls.When a new version of APIs is made generally available (not beta), the older version will be deprecated and will cease to function after six months.Once an API is removed, any request to it will result in a 404 error.If you use the API key, there is no need for a password.You can use any set of characters as a dummy password.

Beta APIs may be removed or modified at any time without advance notice.Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service.Our goal is simple: make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses.HTTP/1.1 429 Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 Retry-After: 1521 Freshdesk APIs are classified into either production or beta APIs.A production API is one that has been made generally available for public use and is stable.

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