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That’s why we didn’t want to do a big budget version of this movie.We wanted to feel those rough edges and when it came to our creature design we would just do the best version we could and found that worked out much better than if we had spent the money to make the perfect digital version of it, you know? Quint: What I love about that sequence is much is that it puts you in the mentality of the guys running the “office,” where you’re like “Shit, if I were working there I would be in the betting pool, too. ” Quint: I just loved seeing that stuff and the flavor of the universe, by showing glimpses of what could have been had one of the characters picked up a different item. People are like “Well why is that joke okay, but this one is too broad?That approach was very organic in the sense that we just said, “Okay, if we are doing a horror movie, what do we want to do?Let’s just put everything we want to do in it and see what happens.” It was never like this goal of deconstructing or subverting. That was certainly how we began and then once you do that you start shaping it and then the themes start to come out and you start to say, “Oh, this is interesting. I think what you’re talking about, in terms of people taking the wrong lessons from SCREAM, I think the thing I love about SCREAM is it was obvious they loved horror movies and I don’t get the sense that some of the people that tried to be like that did, you know?In this regard the two boys have a distinct advantage over their female competitor.She is being raised by a single mother, while the boys not only have both parents, but those parents are in positions of some power and influence. Being well connected to someone who can help you buy votes always has a significant impact.

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Certainly with some BUFFY episodes we did a little bit, but we really wanted to go for it.

I could honestly feel the passion that you guys have for genre and so I guess we should maybe start with just talking about that passion and just how you guys walked that balance of wanting to play with the genre, but not put yourself above the archetypes.

Drew Goddard: You know I think it was pretty easy, because we didn’t set out to deconstruct the genre. We knew that that would happen, but that wasn’t the goal.

These include dirty tricks, promises of appointments to lesser class roles, other forms of bribery, and just outright nastiness.

All three candidates are coached, if not controlled outright, by their parents.

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