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Yang brilliantly points out that their only option is sharing beds between partners. But how does her relationship grow with the girl that she saved, Weiss? Book-loving college girl Blake Belladonna is excited when her favorite book series gets a TV adaption. " She puts a hand on her shoulder and turns her around, away from the glass- but evidently, she's too late. When her favorite horse is put in jeopardy, can Weiss save the animal with the help of an energetic stablehand, or will all her dreams come crashing down in front of her? It's been three years since Akko has disappeared from Diana's life. Two girls from two completely different worlds share similar histories.Medieval AU, one-shot, fluff, for Hanasaku-Shijin (momoxtoshiro)"As she gazed out the window, a sudden flash of white danced across her vision. She can't wait to see her favorite character on-screen. ]As Diana nears her classmate, she catches sight of the frame of the mirror Akko is standing in front of. Lotte pushes herself up right away, just as Sucy's hand brushes the doorknob. "S-Sucy-" But either she doesn't hear her, or she ignores her, because Sucy opens the door and slips out into the hallway without turning back. All this time, Diana has been doing her utmost best to run Luna Nova alone as headmistress. With a little open-mindedness and a little understanding, they discover that differences can be weaknesses, but can just as easily be strengths.

But one thing's for sure – the hurt in Diana's eyes is killing her. Even though Blake hadn't been one for close contact several years ago before they'd gotten together, over the years she'd gotten quite accustomed to Ruby's hugs. And now they are eternally bound together by choice. Sequel to The White Rose and the 2nd story in The Rose Trilogy. Tohru did not want to go back home just yet, but she knew that she and Kyo really should be getting back soon. But when she goes out for a walk and gets hurt, Hitsugaya takes her back home. A peaceful field of roses far from the killing and betrayal, who wouldn't love it? Full title: The Cat And The Dog : Analogy Part 3 : Understading. Why does Haruhi start choking all of a sudden lately? Meanwhile, Hitsugaya deals with his own problems, and sets out to find his friend before it is too late...

She is given one warning, one chance to change the future, and one chance to prevent the loss of all that she holds dear. She's the only person who calls you by name, the only one who is powerful enough to alter the fate of an entire nation, and the only one you'd lie down your life for, should she ever ask. And then he was leaning down in front of her again, so close this time that he could feel her breath.

(Collection of Finetta stories, please read author's notes for info! After Akko and Diana begin to understand each other a little more, Akko longs to pursue a better relationship with Diana. It doesn't seem likely..."Did you decide what you're going to get Ruby? Weiss still hadn't lost the triumphant grin as she turned to face them. Lenalee mishears a conversation between Allen and Lavi and gets the wrong idea. How can Allen figure out what's wrong with poor Lenalee? "You look undeniably and irrevocably gorgeous..." My first fic of 2009!

Will they be able to make it through the labyrinth? When Akko asks Diana to tutor her in the ways of magic, she never expected her to consent.

As she knows, magic is incredible, fun, and powerful.

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