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Meanwhile, men may stretch, or stuff their hands in their pockets, which conveniently broadens their chest. PART FOUR: THE BEST FLIRTY SMILES--TO GIVE AND TO GET ME: Ha!

If a guy's pocketed hands are situated so that the thumbs are visible and pointing inward, that's called a "crotch display" which serves to draw your eyes toward his package. All right, one last thing for today: There was an interesting section in your book about smiles.

JUDY: According to my research, you'll have to look at someone three times before they'll take the hint that you're into them.

Maybe some people wait until thirteen glances so they can be 100% sure, but three should be enough to give you a good hunch!

Even better, she was a great, supportive, encouraging colleague who was always trying to get me new opportunities to write. she got on the horn with me the other afternoon to give me the dirt on the science behind flirting, so I could share it with you.(look! **) PART ONE: GUESS WHO ATTRACTS THE MOST ATTENTION IN PUBLIC SETTINGS ...

ME: So, who gets the most attention out at bars: the best-looking people, right? People who rack up the most attention aren't the best looking, but the best flirts.

If he touched your knee just once it could be a fluke. Maybe it's time to book a trip to his town, touch knee, and see what happens!

ME: What are some other signs that a new "friend" might actually be interested in you, romantically?

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In other words, she was totally groovy--on her own terms.

One study tallied a total of 52 flirtatious gestures--all of which are listed in my book.

PART TWO: WHY EYE CONTACT IS SO POWERFUL Q: On my blog, I've talked a lot about the power of eye contact, after one expert told me that it took an average of _13_ glances before a stranger will get the hint that you're into him.

Only 140cm tall (4'7") Bee is the definition of an Asian spinner.

She knows it too, making plenty of references to her butt and knows that guys love her bum.

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