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Death rite, any of the ceremonial acts or customs employed at the time of death and burial.Throughout history and in every human society, the disposal of the dead has been given special significance.Thus, the individual person has been conceived as a psychophysical organism, of which both the material and the nonmaterial constituents are essential in order to maintain a properly integrated personal existence.From such an evaluation it has followed that death is the fatal shattering of personal existence.

Other customs, however, indicate the currency of a variety of notions about postmortem existence, particularly about the potentialities and destiny of the dead.Preventive action of this kind has a further significance, for it implies a belief that the dead might be malevolent and had power to harm the living.That death was sometimes regarded as transforming those who experienced it into a state of being balefully different from that of those living in this world is evident in later mortuary rites and customs.In Egypt, most notably, provision was made for the eventual reconstitution in an elaborate mortuary ritual which included the mummification of the corpse to preserve it from disintegration.The alternative view of human nature may be termed dualistic.

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