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At the top of the page there is a place to click on and you will get a pop up with like 3 or so options. Exit the site and then go to FB and change your password. that dumb.....Mark probably hasn't heard about this personally........ PLEASE HELP if you can suggest anything to remove myself. When I first complained about this issue, the annoying emails from "Chirpler" had stopped and I thought the issue was solved. I didn't even know the password since I did NOT open the account, but when I saw my FB profile picture being used there for the profile picture, that's when I figure it out. Then you will get another pop up saying you have been remove. I've tried removing myself via my google account, but I'm terrified they will abuse that data and that of my family and friends too! Further, Facebook has no right to give out our information to another website without our permission.

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And still nothing just creepy emails over and over.

But as soon as I figured out how to delete the account I got an email from Chirpler asking me why I was leaving their site. But here's the kicker, I tried 6 different times to reach them and begged them to remove me. Even posted on their site telling people I did not sign up and I did not want to meet anyone.

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