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As well, the ready-made-boards that come with the app are only offered in the language of the main app purchased, so those must still be recorded in your own voice.An important point to remember: text-to-speech voices are synthetic, not recorded, and read the text according to the spelling of the word.We are very happy to finally have this option to better service our Arabic-speaking clients and help improve their access to communication!Please note: It is our understanding that currently, the Arabic voice packs work more smoothly when purchased through the Hebrew Touch Chat.Great news for Arabic-speaking people with communication and language difficulties…Touch Chat now offers Arabic voices!We have been looking for something of quality for quite some time and are very happy with this development. Using the i Pad for AAC in a useful and efficient manner requires the use of an AAC app that can be customized and personalized as much as possible for the user.

When creating customized boards it is important to pay attention to the spelling of the cell message (as opposed to cell name) because it’s from this data that the text-to-speech will generate the audio.

These voice packs make creating customized boards more efficient.

Please note: The snapshots in this post are taken from the Arabic language pack purchased from the Hebrew version of Touch Chat.

The best way to learn any language is practice, as much as possible. You can also improve your language by talking to me.

Here we try our best to help you improve your English when it is not your native language.

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