Are rafa nadal and shakira dating Chat onlin sexx

There were rumours of Shakira and Nadal dating each other, but Nadal? Rafa is growing up, this was just an excuse by Shakira to get close to him and Rafa looked like he was enjoying it.I'm sure Uncle Tony will make sure he keeps his tennis head firmly on.That sort of loose journalism is what could get him in trouble with his girlfriend.There really isn't any story here except perhaps a journalist asking a stupid question and then getting a response which is now labelled a "denial" of a romance.

You only live Rafa have some fun:) but you're right smr.least it stopped people from talking about his injuries for a while:) alik well said, I think Shakira first watched Rafa or it would seem at abu dhabi 2009 when he beat Davydenko then it all span from there, I think she is a little fascinated with him after her interview in Miami last year he gave her his shirt! I am going to check back on the forum for more details. FEDisthe Goat, what gave you the idea that rafa should be ashamed of his fans? i agree with bianca, i'm sure rafa's team explored the implications beforehand! Spotted in Miami - from what I recollect he spoke to Shakira after a match where she had been spectating earlier in the day.It is not as if she was an eager spectator at all his matches and then they were spotted out on the town after in the evening.Nothing wrong with a bit of fun, although if I was Xisca I would be worried. Rafa is a young 23yo & I am sure he and his team would've been well aware of the rumours that will start following such a provocative video...Rafa,can't even have a little bit of fun these days without some people jumping to conclusions. It's nice to see another,relaxed side of Rafa, considering how he is always intense and concentrated in matches!!! Maybe it's all part of his PR, softening his public image, etc etc...

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