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in a highlight of the show, chisel and vocalist/keyboardist adriel harris share a microphone for the heart-wrenching ballad, "so wrong for me. it just adds tenderness to even some really harsh things.since we were eighteen we never had any jobs, never did anything but play taverns for four or five hours a night, and made whatever money we could make and ate whatever food they would give us.i'm just a skeptic by nature, and i felt like the only time i ever had any connection to a spiritual world was inside of singing those songs, like they held the key to the belief that there might be something bigger out there.

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chisel & the candles - "born again" @ the queen bee - appleton, wi august 10, 2013.

and europe in support of his major label debut album, death won't send a letter, chisel gives it his all. i've never really been the greatest guitar player in the whole world, and i could kind of learn those songs, too.

cory chisel and the wandering sons strode on the stage of milwaukee's historic turner hall, the audience—comprised of both well-dressed suburban folks out for a night of musical entertainment and flannel-clad hipsters from the city—applauded enthusiastically.

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