Amy lee of evanescence dating shaun morgan

That’s true for Bring Me to Life for sure.'After doing it live for so long, there’s different vocal choices I’ve made and different things we got to use in this version.'Synthesis is slated for release November 10.Seether is a post grunge/alternative metal band hailing from my country of birth, South Africa. Seether consists of Shaun Morgan (lead guitar, vocals), Dale Stewart (bass guitarist) and John Humphrey (drums).The band got the chance to be a part of Ozzfest and released an EP before unveiling their full-length debut album (“Disclaimer”) in August of 2002. A great deal of pre-production took place in South Africa under the supervision of a Wind-Up representative, it continued in New York before the recording sessions took place in Los Angeles.

Saron Gas was too similar to the lethal nerve agent sarin gas.She told the outlet: 'God bless the rap, it’s part of what got us on the radio, I guess.At least according to all the rules of radio that I don’t agree with or understand ...They performed alongside the likes of Our Lady Peace into the following year.Initially the band emerged with the name Saron Gas (a name taken from the back of a sound effects CD) and they released their debut album called “Fragile” on Musketeer Records.

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